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Commissioners DENY Rio Santiago
The vote was unanimous that the Orange Planning Commission deny the Rio Santiago Project due to serious concerns. Thank you to the Commissioners to hearing important public testimony and denying the project.

Recent Articles Gain Attention
An article on the Supreme Court hearing the Ridgeline case and the battle over the Sully Miller (Rio Santiago) site are covered by the Voice of OC.

Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled
The January 13th was cancelled due to lack of a quorum. One Planning Commissioner was sick and two others have recused themselves from the proposed Rio Santiago project. The meeting is rescheduled to Monday, Jan 20th and Monday, Jan 27th.

State Supreme Court Grants Review of Ridgeline Case
The Supreme Court of California granted review of the Orange Park and Recreation Association Ridgeline Case versus the County of Orange, et al. See the Press Release and Opening Brief.

2012 Election Results
Volunteers powered the "NO on FF" campaign to stop the Ridgeline project and halt poor planning decisions. The effort was volunteer-driven with the exception of the cost of materials ($53,000) needed for direct voter contact. Consultants or pollsters were not hired and every penny was spent wisely. The opposition spent over $1,300,000 to suppress the vote and buy the election.

Is This Future Vision Correct?
See how permanent open space in the City of Orange has been eliminated from two locations: Sully Miller and Ridgeline. (1.7 MB - PDF)

Orange is Park Deficient
Get the facts behind the City of Orange's Park locations and acreages. Did you know Orange is short 169 acres of parkland for its population? View the Orange Needs Parks website.

Ridgeline Vote
In the summer of 2011 volunteers successfully qualified a referendum petition for the November 2012 ballot which opposes changing the General Plan to permanently sacrifices 51-acres of recreational open space at the Ridgeline Tennis and Golf Club.
The final vote (4-1) to abandon the community and forfeit park space in the name of another housing tract was made by Orange politicians on June 14. Mayor Pro-Tem Tita Smith opposed it.

Sentry Editorial Hits Home
The Ridgeline developers are trying to win over the community, but apparently their tactics aren't working. Poison pen mailers call long-time OPA residents "outsiders."


Orange Park Acres (OPA) Community Action was created as the action arm of the OPA Board. The goal is to keep our community informed about important information that impacts OPA and develop a strategy to protect OPA’s interests. Below are some of the most critical issues facing our community. Learn more about each issue and get involved.


Sully Miller

Get Involved

Ridgeline has provided recreational opportunities for over 40 years. Developers want
to change the zoning from recreational-open space to residential. Citizens gathered signatures to put on the ballot. Orange voters rejected the Ridgeline project in 2012. The issue is now before the California Supreme Court.

Sully Miller is a former sand and gravel site (110-acres). Proposed mixed-used development:

  • 265 high-density units (24 hour senior facility)
  • 130 tract houses
  • 81,000 sq ft private sports club (field and courts) (average Walmart is 95,000 sq. ft.)
  • Orange Park Acres relies on volunteers, please do what you can to help.


    Public HearingBetween 2006 and 2008 Milan Capital and their investors bought three large parcels in East Orange totaling 168 acres:
    • The Ridgeline Tennis & Golf Club (51 acres)
    • The Sully Miller gravel pit (110 acres)
    • The OPA horse arena (7.6 acres)

    Only 20 of the 168 acres are zoned residential. Download the file Orange Needs Proper Planning.

    Ridgeline is not zoned for houses but is zoned recreational open space.

    Only 12 acres on the Sully Miller site are zoned residential. The remaining 98 acres have been designated Permanent Open Space since 1973.

    The developer wants to disregard all the careful planning that has served the community so well. The proposed mixed-use, high-density project (395 units) does not fit in the surrounding single-family residential and rural neighborhoods.

    Ridgeline Estates

    Voters reject the Ridgeline development. It is now before the California Supreme Court.
    Read more about Ridgeline >>
    No Rio Santiago
    Sully Miller - Rio Santiago
    Four plans that have protected East Orange for over 40 years are now under attack by the developer. Residents have property rights too. Read more about Sully Miller >>

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