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Decade in ReviewEstablished in 1928, Orange Park Acres is a rural community with a rich history of residents working together to preserve the unique lifestyle for current and future residents.

Diverse in population on its social and economic strata, we are all here; trades people, clerks, doctors, teachers, lawyers and judges, entrepreneurs, business owners, and even a celebrity or two sharing the trails and rural lifestyle.

Most of the time, the majority of us are so engrossed in our daily lives that we barely notice the changing currents around us. Fortunately in Orange Park Acres, there are more than a few who stand guard and work for the entire community’s interests.

There are many volunteers working on trails, on e-trees, in the Women's League, on committees, or in local politics that contribute to Orange Park Acres and Orange County. These folks raise money for children in need, open their homes to families and corrals to critters in times of disaster. They fight to protect our limited open space and improve development with amazing results.

When there has been an emergency, when a need has arisen, a great multitude of Orange Park Acres residents have pulled together and showed their hands. Whether wind, fire, flood or a questionable development threatens to damage the community we stand together and take action.

OPA Community Action was formed to specifically take on these challenges. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to protect the rural lifestyle in Orange Park Acres. Our efforts don’t just benefit local residents but also the multitudes of people who visit regularly to experience the broad recreational opportunities the community is known for. We have more work to do and more challenges ahead.

We hope you will join us in our effort.
The future of Orange Park Acres rests in our hands.

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