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Orange Park Acres (OPA) is a rural community within the city of Orange. The community dates back to 1928 and has a rich diversity due to its land uses, residents, and history. We encourage you to learn more about the community and specifically the action arm of the community -- which keeps tabs on issues that impact the residents and develops successful strategies to ensure the heritage and values of the community are upheld.

Learn about the history of the OPA community and what values we share and work to maintain through community action and involvement.

See an accounting of happenings with the community starting back in 1928 with the purchase of 2,000 acres that would eventually become OPA and a brief history through today.

Board Members
See what OPA community members are serving on the OPA board to meet the mission of the Association and keep the residents informed about events, activities and issues.

View the three Sub-Committees established to help solve important issues facing OPA, including real estate, sewers and traffic.


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