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Safe passage and calmer traffic through Orange Park Acres is what we all want. Now, the Orange Park Association is offering a way for the preservation of the quiet enjoyment of our rural lifestyle!

The Community’s Pressing Need
As you know, OPA is faced with several challenges currently – encroaching development inconsistent with the OPA Specific Plan, loss of recreational space, and the potential of three story senior housing on Santiago Canyon Road …and, as if that isn’t enough …

There have been a multitude of deaths and accidents on Santiago Canyon Road over the last 15 years, power outages that last for 1 to 3 days, increasing accidents throughout OPA, a 30.7% increase in the student population at Santiago Canyon College by 2017, and most importantly … a patchwork quilt of traffic management solutions by the City of Orange, the latest thread is a proposed $800,000 median on “Deadman’s Curve.”

The City of Orange will increase by 10% if the Irvine Company builds the 4,000 homes in East Orange that were approved in 2005. This will add 40,000 more daily auto trips. Couple this with the added traffic from the proposed 460-unit senior housing at the Sully Miller site, the Ridgeline development and it’s clear that Santiago Canyon Road is destined to become one of the most heavily traveled roads in Orange County.

Development may slow. It appears that traffic will continue to grow and become more disruptive to our unique lifestyle – unless we citizens act.

The OPA Traffic Management Plan
It’s time for 21st century thinking about traffic in OPA!

The OPA Board of Directors formed the OPA Traffic Committee in May 2009.

The Committee’s immediate objective is to construct, with the help of a professional traffic consultant, a comprehensive traffic management plan and architecture that meets the community’s needs and fosters it lifestyle.

It’s another objective to incorporate this plan into the OPA Specific Plan and the Orange General Plan.

Different Thinking, Broad Approach
Applying concepts such as safe crossings for our pedestrians, bicyclists and animals; improved traffic light synchronization, and speed sensitive cameras, the community can expect that loss of lives and accidents will be reduced, traffic will flow better and traffic can grow in a prescribed manner on Santiago Canyon Road, Chapman Avenue, Orange Park Boulevard, Newport Avenue and every road in OPA.

It’s the Committee’s mission to promote safe passage and traffic calming in and around Orange Park Acres in order to protect the quiet enjoyment of our rural lifestyle.

Cooperative Effort Needed
We are encouraging every Home Owner Association and neighborhood to join us in constructing and managing the traffic plan. Santiago Community College has!

Every skill is needed and no amount of effort is too small.

The plan will be constructed over the next few months. The Committee wants to hear your thoughts and ideas; and needs your skills and knowledge to address this complicated matter.

What are we asking?

  • Advise your membership and neighbors of the Committee and the Traffic Management Plan
  • Assign a liaison from your membership or neighbors to advise the Committee on requirements, to provide us ideas and to review and comment on the plan as it evolves.
  • Work with the Committee to manage and improve the plan as time goes on.
  • The Committee promises that the time commitment is minimal and the benefits are substantial

Help us preserve the unique OPA lifestyle! Help us work to conform traffic to the needs of our community. Safe passage, calm traffic and quiet enjoyment can become a reality when we apply the community’s skills and 21st century thinking.

Email us Email us to get involved:

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